Regain Your Sparkling Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a procedure that can improve the appearance of the teeth of an individual and also enhance an individual’s smile.

This type of dentistry not only includes the science of dentistry but also the aesthetics and the art of dentistry.

From major repairs to subtle changes, cosmetic dentistry is all about transforming the way a person looks and improving his or her smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Treating discolored, chipped, missing and miss happened teeth are some of the most common areas served through cosmetic dentistry. Skilled cosmetic dentists have the ability of reshaping teeth, restoring worn out teeth, altering the length of the teeth and closing spaces. Contouring or reshaping, bleaching, crowns and bonding are the common procedures practiced under cosmetic dentistry. We will have a look at these procedures in details below:


Bleaching is basically a chemical procedure used for whitening the teeth. Very often, this procedure is also used for removing ugly stains from the teeth and for getting whiter shades for the teeth. Cosmetic dentists that use this procedure for teeth whitening make sure that they use the right amount of solution as per requirements. Teeth whitening generally takes around 3 to 4 weeks for getting the shade desired. Bleaching is a procedure that can be complete within a time span of 45 minutes to one hour if you happen to visit a dentist at his or her clinic.


This is a procedure where a tooth colored element is used for filling the gaps or for changing the color of the teeth. Bonding generally lasts for many years but it is important to note that this procedure has an increased risk of chipping or staining in comparison to the other forms of teeth restoration. Bonding is the perfect cosmetic dentistry procedure for chipped or slightly decayed teeth. This procedure can also be used effectively for closing the spaces or the gaps between teeth and for covering the entire exterior surface of the teeth.


This is another beneficial procedure practiced under cosmetic dentistry. It involves the brightening of the gums. De-pigmentation is the best procedure for people who have dark gums. Gums that are too dark generally spoil the appearance of the smile of an individual.

Smile Designing

This is a procedure that involves shaping or contouring the gums of an individual in order to improve the appearance of his or her smile. Smile designing also involves removing excess gum tissue safely for offering the perfect smile to the patient. Read more at